Naval Lighting

Ronfell specialise in Military Admiralty dark adaptation lighting. Our low level fluorescent lamps are already used and trusted in military applications all over the world.

Tough, abrasion resistant silicate quartz with colours heat sealed inside the glass. Extremely resistant to the elements, so once they’re fitted, you really can forget about them.

We can supply both lamps and well glasses in any standard military colour you may require.

Cannot find the products you’re looking for? We can design, develop and source products to your exact specification.

Ronfell Group’s Lamps and Lighting division is an approved contractor to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence and many overseas Navy, Air force and Army establishments. We supply a
variety of lamps and electronic products which have been tried and tested in the field for more than two decades.

Military Admiralty Red low level light fluorescent NATO lamps emitting red light between 600 and 700 nanometres. NSN 6240-99-996-2235 4W Admiralty red fluorescent, NSN 6240-99-996-2252 6W Admiralty red fluorescent, National Stock Number (NSN) 6240-99-996-5264 8W Admiralty red fluorescent. Other NATO lamps with NATO codes 6240-99-726-5083, 2444, 4686, standard reds available.

Sage CodeNSN NumberPart NumberDescriptionWattsDia mmCapTrade Price £
629836240-99-996-2235CCT5-16-AR-06Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp416mmbipin8.52
629876240-99-996-2252CCT5-16-AR-09Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp616mmbipin8.75
629856240-99-996-5264CCT5-16-AR-12Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp816mmbipin8.97
629866240-99-996-2121CCT5-16-WW-12Lamp Fluorescent Warm White816mmbipin6.14
629886240-99-503-3574CCT8-POL-AR-24Ronfell Group Admiralty Red Fluorescent 1826mmbipin10.43
629896240-99-242-9136CCT8-POL-AR-48Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp3626mmbipin13.87
Admiralty Red PL 9 Watt 2 pin lamp

All products are minimum order quantity of 25

Prices are based on quantity above MOQ box 25

Prices for a product quantity of one or less than the MOQ is at the discretion of the Sales Director