Wellglasses clear in excess 4000 plus

Nato Stock Number 6210-99-764-8343

Wellglasses clear in excess 4000 plus

Special coloured glass has been used for many years in the lighting industry especially in well glasses.
The coloured glass has been found to be expensive and requires volume quantities in production, however clear well
glass of many types and applications are easily produced in mass volume.

The Ronsil colouring system directly replaces coloured glass. The special high temperature silicone based material is internally applied to the inside of the clear well glass, creating an identically matched colour spectrum to that required by the military specification or any chromaticity colour co-ordinates.

Typical of the products we can colour are wellglasses, bulkheads, railway signal lenses, marine and ship lighting, aircraft and airport runway lenses, road and traffic signal lenses, exterior light fittings, street and display lighting, laboratory glass, pavement lenses and wall blocks.

Ronfell specialise in military admiralty / ruby red and any colour co-ordinates in the chromaticity spectrum. The Ronsil silicone ceramic material is used with coloured dyes to internally or externally spray, sheet glass or any shaped glass for the effect of colouring.

The Ronsil “S” shattershield system is used to protect luminaire glass lenses or other glass lenses from shattering during impact. The Ronsil “S” provides a high temperature membrane over the luminaire and in the event captures and holds together the lenses preventing large glass pieces or thin glass shards escaping.

The level of protection is derived from the number of coatings applied, however IK6 or IK7 impact levels and containment are in general use.

The Ronsil “S” coatings has typically an 8% reduction on light output with no colour distortion. The maximum temperature in operational use from ambient is 120 Deg Celsius.

A damp soapy water cloth achieves cleaning the internal or external lens.