LED Lighting

LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are now available in equivalent sizes and wattages to filament lamps and solves the problem of incandescent filament failure due to vibration and shock.

Ronfell’s new advanced LED Lighting have the same cap fittings BA9s/14, BA15s, BA15d and others, are the same size to fit into the incandescent lampholders and lenses but run cool with absolutely no vibration failure. Long lifetime service of 60,000 hours (7 years) before replacement compare that to an incandescent life of 500 hours.

  • Replaces 6 Volt Incandescent 313, 757,1819, 1829
  • Replaces 12Volt Incandescent 12MB, 756
  • Replaces 28Volt Incandescent 313, 757,1819, 1829
  • All replacement lamps to Military Def Stan 62.6

LED Range Light Emitting Diodes

Sage CodeNSN NumberPart NumberDescriptionWattsDia mmCapTrade Price £
629836240-99-996-2235CCT5-16-AR-06Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp416mmbipin8.52
629876240-99-996-2252CCT5-16-AR-09Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp616mmbipin8.75
629856240-99-996-5264CCT5-16-AR-12Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp816mmbipin8.97
629866240-99-996-2121CCT5-16-WW-12Lamp Fluorescent Warm White816mmbipin6.14
629886240-99-503-3574CCT8-POL-AR-24Ronfell Group Admiralty Red Fluorescent 1826mmbipin10.43
629896240-99-242-9136CCT8-POL-AR-48Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp3626mmbipin13.87
Admiralty Red PL 9 Watt 2 pin lamp

All products are minimum order quantity of 25

Prices are based on quantity above MOQ box 25

Prices for a product quantity of one or less than the MOQ is at the discretion of the Sales Director