Nato Stock Numbers

NSN (Nato Stock Numbers) Lamps, LED’s and Wellglasses

Manufacturers and Distributors of NATO and US defence approved military lamps and lighting products.

Lamps and Lighting Equipment for worldwide Army, Navy, Air Forces, Railways, Marine and Aviation Industries.

6240-99-995-0000 (Lamps Range 1 – 11 Volts)
6240-99-995-0000 (Lamps Range 12 Volts)
6240-99-995-0000 (Lamps Range 14 -24 Volts)
6240-99-995-0000 (Lamps Range 25 – 50 Volts)
6240-99-996-0000 (Lamps Range 60 – 260 Volts)
6240-99-996-0000 (Lamps Range Fluorescent)
6240-99-996-0000 (Lamps Range Miscellaneous 230 Volts)
6240-99-996-0000 (Lamps Range Indicator)
6210-99-996-9228 (Lamps Range Ship Lighting Equipment)
6220-99-948-9657 (Lamps Range Ship Lighting Equipment)
6230-00-111-0000 (Lamps Range Lighting Equipment)
6210-99-764-8343 (Well Glasses – Clear in excess 4000 plus)
6210-99-764-8344 (Well Glasses – Ruby Red in excess 3000 plus)
6210-99-764-8345 (Well Glasses – Amber in excess 2000 plus)
6210-99-764-8000 (Well Glasses – Others in excess 2000 plus)
5980-99-802-0000 (LED Range Light Emitting Diodes)
5961-99-726-0000 (LED Range Light Emitting Diodes)
5980-99-802-4559 (LED Range Discrete Light Emitting Diodes)
5980-99-495-7411 (LED Range PCB Mounting Light Emitting Diodes)
5961-99-660-0630 (LED Range Incandescent Replacement Light Emitting Diodes)
5961-99-797-3642 (LED Range Acetal Bodied Panel Light Emitting Diodes)
5961-99-780-3939 (LED Range Mounting Hardware Light Emitting Diodes)
5980-99-831-4454 (LED Range Professional Sealed Panel Light Emitting Diodes)
5980-99-721-3958 (LED Range Special Light Emitting Diodes)
5961-99-741-7038 (Professional Sealed LED, Mounting Hardware and Acetal)

Further Information

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