Land Systems Lighting

Ronfell provide lights for soft and hard shelters.

Military sites and compounds demand great lighting for its residents, and the IP67 floodlight ensures a well-lit and safe environment is paramount to the security of the base. The 150W LED Floodlight is crafted to withstand the harsh and wet operations of military life to continue its ultra bright 12600 lumen beam to wherever its 120 degree viewing angle permits.

Sage CodeNSN NumberPart NumberDescriptionWattsDia mmCapTrade Price £
629836240-99-996-2235CCT5-16-AR-06Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp416mmbipin8.52
629876240-99-996-2252CCT5-16-AR-09Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp616mmbipin8.75
629856240-99-996-5264CCT5-16-AR-12Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp816mmbipin8.97
629866240-99-996-2121CCT5-16-WW-12Lamp Fluorescent Warm White816mmbipin6.14
629886240-99-503-3574CCT8-POL-AR-24Ronfell Group Admiralty Red Fluorescent 1826mmbipin10.43
629896240-99-242-9136CCT8-POL-AR-48Admiralty Red Fluorescent Lamp3626mmbipin13.87
Admiralty Red PL 9 Watt 2 pin lamp

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